black mud (activated charcoal face & body mask, mud bath)


black mud – detoxify, destress, relieve. the perfect face and body mask

**activated charcoal bath & skincare specially made in Australia**


detoxify, destress, relieve

mask yourself dirty, followed by a long relaxing detox in the tub


bentonite clay, epsom salt, bicarbonate soda, himalayan pink salt, charcoal, essential oils. 200g

how to: 

activated charcoal face & body mask

mix a spoonful of the black powder with 1/2 spoonful of water into a bowl (no metal) . mix together with hands and apply generously on face, neck and body. leave for at least 20 minutes before washing off (or use a wet cloth to wipe clean). perfect for blackheads, tightening pores and acne.

activated charcoal detox bath

pour half into a bowl (no metal) and add in a quarter cup of water. mix together with hands and apply generously on skin – face and body. let dry before pouring the rest of mud into a hot tub of water. sit and relax for at least 20 minutes.

gradually increase to full pack (with half cup cup water) as you become a detox expert. apply as usual and mix the remainder into the water in the tub.  It can get messy but trust us, it will be worthwhile!


always make sure you are hydrated before every bath. never have metal in contact with clay as it loses its benefits and becomes less effective.

some people may experience tingling on face, but discontinue if it gets worse.

charcoal does not stain, in fact – it cleans! so do not worry if you have a white tub (although, to be on the safe side, always do a spot test first).

if you are pregnant or have a health condition, consult a doctor before using.

what to expect:

different people will have different health problems and different responses to the clay. for some they notice more regular bowel movements and others may not have this success. some get instant results and others may take several weeks to see progress. it will depend on your condition and degree of toxicity.

about black bath & skincare (activated charcoal bath & skincare):


activated charcoal has been used for centuries in Asia as a healing property. it absorbs toxins to balance the body’s yin and yang.


black bath & skincare is known to detox the whole body by stimulating latent cell activity and revitalising skin cells which will help the cells release the toxins. our black baths pull stirred up toxins from the body through the pores of the skin.

clear skin

activated charcoal is known to be effective for people with skin disorders such as eczema, skin irritations, atopic dermatitis, infection, and inflammations. activated charcoal’s purifying, detoxifying, deodorising, and anti-bacterial properties will wash any impurities on the skin.


black bath & skincare uses all natural and vegan ingredients, including the highest grade of activated charcoal. black bath & skincare activated charcoal is coconut fibre based.

black bath & skincare

activated charcoal bath & skincare specially made in Melbourne, Australia



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